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Iqra Charity is a front-line humanitarian organisation working in the midst of war-torn Syria since 2012.

Focused on primary relief, education and development of material and human resources. Our aim is to provide long-term solutions for the various issues and obstacles that may arise in the shadow of war.

Aid, education, empowerment & independence, building people and community through innovative and unique educational and assistance programmes.
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Grown from the seeds planted in the camps, nourished by sincerity and dedication
Old Refugee Camps

Iqra began in 2012 with the efforts of a handful of sincere volunteers in the overflowing refugee camps of Syria. With experience came a deeper understanding of the needs of the people and the many issues needing remedy. That understanding led to the philosophy of providing long term solutions which led to projects beyond simple aid distribution, namely, education and infrastructure

As our work grew with the increasing needs of the people so too did the connections and relationships we forged along the way. What was once once a few volunteers became a large group of dedicated and experienced professionals each lending their skills to the goal of building a bright future through investing in people. Today Iqra is a vibrant and active organisation with a dedicated staff no less passionate about serving the people today as that handful of enthusiastic volunteers were 8 years ago.

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Our foremost focus is education and development.

We have built nurseries, primary and secondary schools, adult training centres, women’s empowerment institutes, Islamic centres and masajid all across free Syria.

We pride ourselves on directly implementing unique projects that are arduously researched and planned prior to their implementation and delivery. These projects provide for those who are greatly in need but are not only about providing aid. They have a long term goal and strategy in mind and have proven to bear positive results while being well established in the field.

Flagship Projects - Abna Ashaam
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The philosophy which drives our projects is easily understood in the classic proverb:
Give a person a fish and you feed them for a day, teach them to fish and you feed them for the rest of their life
Project Hope - Training

This is why the model that we implement in our relief projects places emphasis on the education, self empowerment and activation of the people.

Our goal is to determine what skills and assets those in need already possess in order to develop and build upon those foundations. This is achieved through instruction, while emphasising the importance of knowledge and aptitude, so that they are not only able to help themselves and their families but others and the broader community as well.

Education is paramount in our projects to ensure those in our programmes develop the attributes and skills that will enable them to go on to help, teach, lead and benefit others, thus maximising the impact and investment of our efforts.

This system is not limited only to Iqra run facilities or projects, but through the work and initiative of our graduates and team members has expanded into other areas and institutions.

We aspire to create workshops and exhibitions to highlight the importance and benefit of these projects to raise awareness so that the entire population may benefit from these unique and vital programmes, practical systems that maximise efficiency and benefit and have been proven successes.

We aim to help produce men, women and children who are leaders, managers, business owners, teachers and productive, confident role models with sound foundations in Islamic, academic and vocational knowledge as well as the acumen and aptitude to become founders of their own charitable Islamic projects that will benefit society for years to come.

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Departmental Structure

Iqra Charity’s director is the head of the organisation overseeing all departments, alongside the CEO, ensuring that there is efficient management and cooperation in its operation. Decisions are filtered via a Consultative Committee which helps provide advice and solutions for the organisation’s affairs.

The departments which operate under Iqra Charity each have their own management, staff and projects run by the department’s head in accordance with Iqra’s philosophy and methodology.


Flagship Projects - Abna Ashaam
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OUR Partners

Working side by side...

Side by side on the front-line! Our partners and Iqra continue implementing programmes on the ground and developing unique projects providing for those in need. With their help thousands have received aid and hundreds of educators, managers, administrators and leaders have been trained and put into the workforce to benefit the community through independent projects of their own; built upon the knowledge, experience, skills, confidence and qualities made possible by their ongoing support and programmes.

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We are a front-line humanitarian organisation working in the midst of war-torn Syria since 2012.