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Iqra has sponsored a a wide variety of extra curricular activities, ranging from football, karate and horse riding to sewing and knitting courses, day trips to amusement parks, picnics in the mountains and swimming parties. These are all important elements for the development and rehabilitation of our clients, especially those affected by trauma. For many of our families involvement in these activities plays an important role in our programmes’ appeal and therapeutic experience. Helping people to enjoy themselves is vital in helping them overcome trauma. This is why we aim to make Eid, Ramadan and all other festivities that much more special.

Eid al-Adha is one of the most anticipated days of celebration by many Muslims. Four days spent in the of remembrance of Allah and with friends and family. Marking the end of hajj season when most of the Muslim able sacrifice and distribute portions of the meat to family or poor and needed Muslims. Each year we give Muslims the opportunity to helps those less fortunate families in Syria by slaughtering and distributing the meat to those most in need.

During the two Eids we make sure to have events and festivities that will let the children and families forget their hardships and troubles, if only for a little while, games, contests, rides and events full of fun and friendship so they know they are not alone and can enjoy a day of relaxation and diversion.

As part of providing aid and community outreach as well as fostering a sense of well being and promoting the healing of emotional and psychological trauma many refugees experience we sponsor meals, lectures, contests and events for the Muslims in Ramadan. We let these families know they are not alone and provide them with the opportunity to come together eat, worship, pray and have fun among friendly faces. We seek to not only gain the benefits of feeding the fasting person but also to lighten the hardship and suffering of our brothers and sisters while providing them with emotional support.

During the Eids, special occasions and events like graduations, end of term exams, or the completion of memorising the Quran we often distribute gifts among those in attendance or to those in camps. Giving gifts is a good way to foster love and build bonds and also brings a little happiness into the lives of the people.

Many cannot sacrifice on the occasion of the birth of a new child we help those who cannot afford to take part in this rite, by sacrificing on their behalf and sharing in their happiness. Giving the opportunity for them, their family and the community to enjoy the joyous occasion of a new birth.

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