From Ruins to Renewal:
Building a Brighter Future for Syria

Join us in our mission to empower Syrian communities through education, training, and sustainable relief efforts.

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Iqra Charity is a front-line humanitarian organisation working in the midst of war-torn Syria since 2012.

Focused on primary relief, education and development of material and human resources. Our aim is to provide long-term solutions for the various issues and obstacles that may arise in the shadow of war.

Aid, education, empowerment & independence, building people and community through innovative and unique educational and assistance programmes.
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Iqra Charity provides a wide assortment of projects and services to those in need.

While our major focus is on education and development of the human resources, we recognise the importance of other services and needs.

Among them are: emergency and disaster relief and the construction of infrastructure; medical, residential, educational, electric and hydraulic.

We provide monthly aid in the form of monetary stipends, vouchers, food and hygiene packs as well conducting and establishing numerous training and educational programmes in the forms of workshops, seminaries, schools, nurseries, and educational centres.

focus & Principles


Providing the fiscal, educational, and emotional resources to help build independent and self-reliant individuals. Capable and confident men and women that can support themselves and give back to their communities.


Emphasising the importance of qualitative over quantitative projects, we implement focused quality holistic programmes resulting in balanced personalities equipped with the academic, professional and Islamic tools they need for success.


Unlocking people’s potential via Islamic, academic, vocational and personal development. We provide the best tutelage and educational programmes through our many schools and training centres. Independence through education and development.


Imparting a pro-active ethos we cultivate dynamic members of their communities who enthusiastically take initiative to give back, implementing their own projects and taking part in building a better society.
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OUR Flagship Projects

Flagship Projects - Abna Ashaam

Abna Ashaam School

Abna Ashaam School opened its doors in 2012, in the village of Atmeh, a project that is summarised by our motto: “Building a New Generation through Education”

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Flagship Projects - Education Village

Educational Village

The Education Village embodies four of the major principles of our organisation’s ethos. Education, development, activation and self-dependency.

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Hafiz-in-Syria student recording

Hafiz in Syria

Hafiz in Syria began sponsoring young Quran students in 2016 overseeing the Islamic education of more than 300 students in dozens of masajid and learning centres in the liberated territories.

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Flagship Projects - Iqra Camp

Iqra Camp

Iqra Camp is a residential compound built upon the ethos of Iqra’s philosophy of lifting people up and enabling them to become self-sufficient and beneficial contributors to their society.

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We are a front-line humanitarian organisation working in the midst of war-torn Syria since 2012.